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You will not believe, but our grandmothers remembered the bath once every 15-20 days and at the same time they had beautiful Beard! But how often should I wash my head with modern beauties? Disputes about this do not cease in a moment, but no one has given a clear answer, so we decided to find hygiene truths. how_to_wash_your_hair_menWhat Determines the Frequency?

Initially, the body of each person is a unique system that expects a particular approach. In addition, the frequency of washing the head affects a number of factors:

Dry – epidermis tends to dryness and appearance of peeling, hair is brittle and hardly shining;
Normal – the scalp does not experience discomfort, the hair has a dense structure and shines well in the sun;
The fat epidermis is often itchy, fat dandruff appears on it, the hair quickly loses its freshness and begins to smell unpleasant;

Mixed – fat root zone + dry and marked tips.

3. The ecological situation

4. The nature of the work

5. Diet of food.

Abuse of carbohydrate and fatty foods leads to increased secretion of sebum not only on the head but also on the face;

6. Time of year. For example, the constant use of hats prevents normal breathing of the skin, leading to rapid contamination of wires in winter;

7. The intensity of the use of means for styling. Do you spend a day without lacquer, mousse or foam? Rinse off the hair each evening and use a mild shampoo.

Hair dryer Type – how often to wash?

How often can I wash my head with thin, fragile and exaggerated threads? To hear the answer to this question, read a few rules:

Rule number 1. Your water regime can be limited to once a week.
Rule number 2. Handle your hair very carefully, otherwise you may lose most.
Rule number 3. The duration of the procedure is 10-15 minutes.
Rule number 4. Wash dry hair with warm water – it stimulates the release of fat. This natural lubricant gives threads a healthy shine and increases their elasticity and also reduces dryness.

Rule number 5. Choose shampoo, conditioner, rinse and conditioner with a moisturizing effect. Most often in their composition one can find this or that butter.
Rule number 6. Before washing your head, put a mask on your scalp based on vegetable oils (burdock, plantain, calendula, burdock or olives). To increase the effect, add fatty acid cream (1 tablespoon), honey (1 tablespoon) and chicken egg (1 piece). After the procedure, rinse the head with broth of herbs (chamomile, nettle or psyllium), blot with a towel and let it dry.

When to wash normal type of hair?

Owners of normal hair are happier than most – their hair looks clean and well-groomed for three days or even four. Use shampoo of the right type and rinse the strands with a burdock, nettle or chamomile decoration.