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Shaving has become an indispensable part of caring for both men and women. As a result, a gigantic sales market has also arisen, in which many products that deal with shaving are brought to the man (or woman). Consider, for example, skin care products, shaving tools and other aids that should help you to remove unwanted hair growth as easily and as well as possible. Despite the fact that these products are used correctly, it can happen that you suffer from itching immediately after shaving.

Everyone recognizes it: itching happens more often after shaving, but it does not stand out because it does not block our daily activities. However, there are also people who find shaving a terrible task, because they are going to suffer a lot of the itching that follows. There are products that can alleviate these discomforts to certain heights, but if you do not take concrete actions, the itching will not disappear either.

Keep your skin well greasy with Aloe Vera gels or other creams.
To begin with, you must keep your skin well-greasy. This can be done with shower cremes or Aloe Vera gels . This also makes the skin a bit softer. It is a good feature to soak the skin for 5 minutes before shaving, because it prevents hairs from remaining behind and irritates the skin. In short: it is better to shave after a bath or wash.

Wet your skin well with warm or hot water

It is good to wet the skin immediately before shaving with hot or hot water, because you open the pores that hold the hair follicles. This makes the hairs well removed without much friction or twitch so that less skin irritation can occur.

Use a razor with a sharp knife or multiple blades

Use a razor whose blade is sharp so that you can remove the hair in a fetch. This can also be achieved using a razor with multiple blades, although that depends on the condition of the skin and the amount of hairs. If the razor blade is not sharp or even blunt, then you need several strokes to achieve the same removal, which can make the skin feel burning. This can lead to itching and irritations again.

Shave in the direction that you like

There are different opinions about which direction you should shave yourself. Get used to the way that is most comfortable for you, and use enough shaving foam or gels.

Do not let the skin dry too quickly after shaving

If you allow your skin to dry too quickly after shaving, it can cause itching. The application of a cream or gel based on Aloe Vera can remedy this. Clean the skin with warm water and make sure that you do not dry with a towel, but quietly dept.