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In the book The Plantparadox, writer and cardiologist Steven Gundry argues that we should avoid eating lectin altogether. Lectins – which include gluten – are a group of proteins that occur in many foods. According to Gundry, however, these often cause inflammatory reactions in the body with various problems. In his own clinic Gundry wrote large groups of patients successfully a lectin-free diet. In the book The Plantparadox, Gundry explains which products should be avoided and with which products you can best replace them. It contains many recipes to eat delicious and varied lectine-free.

About the Plant Paradox

The Plantparodox is a book the American cardiologist Steven Gundry . The book – published in the United States in 2017 – became a direct bestseller right away and quickly attracted millions of followers. The most important claim made Gundry is that the eating of the vegetable protein lectin must be completely avoided. His book contains a wide range of recipes that allow you to cook lectine-free. According to Gundry, this has many health benefits.

It has been known for some time that there are people who can not tolerate gluten in their diet. This protein causes inflammation in the intestines, resulting in various health problems. In that case, the solution is simple: avoiding all foods that contain gluten. Since there is more awareness about gluten allergy, there are more and more gluten-free foods on the market and more and more cookbooks with gluten-free recipes are available. Gundry reveals in his book The Plantparadox a ‘secret’ that he says few people know: gluten is only a variant of the common protein lectin. Everything containing gluten therefore contains lectin, but many gluten-free products also contain lectin. You can, for example, think of certain fruit and vegetables, nuts, dairy and legumes. According to Gundry, these products should be avoided, also people without gluten intolerance.

Fight health problems and stimulate weight loss

Lectins form a group of proteins that bind to certain carbohydrate structures and cause biochemical reactions. They influence numerous metabolic reactions in the body and also have an effect on the immune system. In nature, lectins also have an important function: they protect plants and seeds against predators. According to Gundry this also immediately shows the danger of the substance: this immune response also has its effect when we ingest it through our food. In the description of Gundry lectine in our body causes a kind of ‘chemical war’ with inflammatory reactions as a result. These reactions can lead to various health problems and to weight gain. Gundry has been writing a lectin-free diet for his patients in his own practice for years. In his own words, he has helped large groups of patients to cope with heart disease, autoimmune disorders and intestinal problems.

One consequence of lectin-free eating is that you lose it. By replacing lectine-rich products with the products advised Gundry you eat healthy and you can lose many kilos. Several Hollywood stars now swear this diet. For example, the American singer Kelly Clarkson indicated that she had lost about 17 kilos with the use of the recipes from De Plantparadox. Gundry attributes this effect to the fact that the body is purified, the blood sugar level remains in balance and the body breaks down fat better. The prescribed meals also give you a feeling of satisfaction so that you are less inclined to snack. Followers of the diet also indicate that they have less need for sugar.

The Plant Paroxox teaches you to eat lectine-free

The Plant Paradox is a book that contains an overview of all foods containing lectins and should therefore be avoided. At the same time, it offers various alternatives, so you can still eat tasty and varied. For example, according to Gundry, it is wise to leave grains, potatoes and beans. Avocado, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, seaweed, coconut and bok choy, on the other hand, you can eat well. For various foods, moreover, you are allowed to eat them, provided that they meet certain conditions. For example, meat may be fine, but it is important that the animals from which the meat comes are not fed with corn or grain. Fish may also, but must meet certain requirements. A complete list of lectin-containing products can be found in the book The Plantparadox.


In addition to a lot of praise – from the well-known TV doctor Dr. Oz, who calls the book an ‘eye-opener’ – also reaps the Plant paradox. For example, the American biochemist Thomas Colin Campbell is a well-known critic of the method developed Gundry. He thinks Gundry can not make his claims hard and tries to keep people away from foods that are just healthy. He does not think a discussion about the disadvantages of lectin is wrong, but states that the diet proposed Gundry does not work. As with any diet, an interesting debate has also arisen on online forums about the pros and cons of a lectin-free diet as proposed in De Plantparadox. Many followers of the diet are positive about the health benefits,

Availability The Plant Paradox

The book The Plant Paradox was published in the United States in 2017 and quickly became extremely popular. For example, in July 2018 it was in second place in the bestseller list of The New York Times . In July 2018 the book was published in Dutch translation. It is available as a paperback from various bookstores and webshops. At publication, the recommended price of the 328-page book was € 22.95. It is published publisher Scriptum.